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When I met Jessie on a flight last summer, I was immediately drawn to her warm aura, down-to-earth style and infectious energy. Once I arrived back home, I voraciously read and watched all videos and articles about Jessie and was impressed with her ideals about true health and athleticism. I love how she custom builds my nutrition plans and workouts for my body, my level of fitness and my lifestyle. I never feel deprived. I'm stronger, leaner, happier and have more courage and confidence than I've ever had. She is understanding and encouraging and I know she is in my corner rooting for me to succeed.

Jessica Conway

Jessie is not only a knowledgeable coach, she is an amazing person who listens and personalizes your plan to fit you. She may be 500 miles away, but for me it feels like she is in the gym and kitchen with me every step of the way. I have finally found the perfect coach who has helped me conquer goals that I never thought possible. It has been an amazing journey so far, I cannot wait for what is to come!

Molly Matzoll, NPC Bikini competitor

After only 6 weeks of following Jessie’s programs, I am proud to say that the transformations in my body have been shocking and amazing! I knew the body was dynamic, but I was truly shocked by the speed at which I have been seeing changes happen. I have been working very hard, and am following all of Jessie’s plans very strictly… and you know what… It works better than I could have ever imagined! My goal of being a figure competitor already feels so much closer to a reality! There is no way that I could have achieved the success I have already seen without Jessie’s knowledge and guidance.

Jessica Mahnken, NPC Bikini competitor

Choosing that one experienced person who would be by my side through my process was the key to my success. Jessie turned a faraway daydream into reality very quickly - from NPC amateur to pro in just over one year! When I lacked confidence, she believed in me and made me look in the mirror. When I was scared, she shared that she gets scared, too. When I struggled, she dusted me off and stood me back up and when I succeeded, she was proud!

Reene Lyman, IFBB Figure Pro

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience attending STRONG CAMP! Jessie inspires you to take charge of your fitness and your life by boosting your knowledge, confidence and happiness through massive amounts of fun, workouts, mini-seminars and lots of sisterhood bonding. It helped me to shed my negative self-talk and reach for my dreams.

Joyce Emily

The moment I met Jessie I had a great sense of a fun, outgoing and humble woman. Jessie’s guidance and training and nutrition programs helped me achieve second place in my competition. Having a coach that is caring, knowledgeable and easy-going definitely makes competing fun! I am looking forward to using her fitness plans to achieve all of my future goals.

Roseanne Miller

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