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I love Jessie’s philosophy on balance in your training, balance in your physique and trying to balance all of this while still having time for friends, family and real life. In her words “No one wants to always be that girl who pulls chicken and broccoli out of her purse at weddings”. LOL!

Tera B.

I can’t thank Jessie enough. It is an incredible experience where women can come together without competition to be their fit, fun, silly, emotional, amazing selves. THANK YOU!

Tera B.

Thank you for such an incredible weekend! I am still speechless - which is rare for me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn, share, workout, bond, and grow with so many women!!!! Words can never express how much I appreciate everything that went into the weekend - thank you, Jessie, for all the hard work, dedication, heart, and soul that you put into this wonderful event!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy B.

I woke up this morning so inspired. I can't thank Jessie enough for the amazing weekend. The stories, the laughs and the sweat made it an unforgettable experience that has FOREVER changed me.

Tera B.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jessie for being our incredible leader! YOU are the perfect person to lead these, you are strong, beautiful, compassionate and REAL! You gave us an experience that we will never forget! I am so humbled and grateful that I was able to come to camp and meet not only Jessie, but all of the incredible women that were there!

Tara A.

What a weekend! Strong mind and strong bodies. Ladies lifting each other up. It's so much more than just working out! Thank you, Jessie, for an amazing experience!

Denise A.

My workouts are better, my nutrition is WAY better, but mostly my attitude has done a 180. Such a great experience through and through.

Kait Z.

It was such a pleasure to meet so many amazing & inspirational women. This experience was so much more than I even imagined it could be and I absolutely can't wait for your next camp.

Kim G.

What an incredible, life changing weekend! I couldn't have asked for anything more this weekend... In fact, it completely exceeded my expectations. We cried, we laughed, we sweat our asses off and left with a bond. I am completely humbled and leaving with some amazing new friendships and a completely different mindset.

Kelsey A.

At the Jessie's Girls Training Camps, Jessie inspires you to take charge of your fitness and your life by boosting your knowledge, confidence and happiness through massive amounts of fun, workouts, mini-seminars and lots of sisterhood bonding. It helped me to shed my negative self-talk and reach for my dreams.

Joyce E.

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