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Jessie’s Girls Training Program eBook

The Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body 2 program is the sequel to my much loved Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body Program, that I released in October, 2014. If you loved (or loved to hate) the supersets, dropsets and plyo in the original Bikini Body program, then you have to continue your Bikini Body journey with this kick ass program!! This program is best for any woman whose goal is to train with intensity, build lean muscle tone and burn fat without trying to build capped shoulders, a quad sweep and a v-taper to your back. I designed this book to be just as badass as the original, but...Read More

What's Inside

  • 14 weeks of training
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Cardio workouts
  • Individual nutrition calculations
  • Private Facebook group access

Jessie's Girls Transformations*

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