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Prenatal Edition

Jessie’s Girls Training Program eBook

First of all, congratulations!!! Thank you for coming to me for your training and nutrition throughout your pregnancy – I am so honored that you have the trust in me to guide you along this beautiful journey! I wrote this Jessie’s Girls Prenatal e-book during my own pregnancy, and released it two weeks before giving birth to my beautiful daughter, Samantha. I wanted to make sure I personally experienced every month of pregnancy training and nutrition before finishing it for you – so this Jessie’s Girls e-book is straight from my very own pregnancy training journal! I am so excited to walk you through ... Read More

What's Inside

  • 9 phases of training (based on gym equipment)
  • weekly splits
  • photo descriptions of the exercises
  • sets, reps, cardio and rest days
  • nutrition for each trimester
  • supplements
  • private facebook group access

Jessie's Girls Transformations*

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  • 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I stumbled upon Jessie on IG one day and began following her as she went through her first pregnancy. From her approach to fitness and food during her pregnancy, I knew that if and when I got pregnant I would want to follow her plan. I wanted to keep lifting throughout my pregnancy as I had read and seen so many benefits for doing so. Luckily her prenatal plan came out right before I found out I was pregnant.
    This training program is simply awesome. It provided me (and still does as I am currently 25 weeks pregnant) with awesome workout splits which keep me active and also build and maintain muscle. I worried about losing my prebaby body due to so many woman sharing with me how they lost their bodies after having a baby. I had watched Jessie through her pregnany and knew that wasn’t true. I feel like a million bucks following these workouts and being a strong fit pregnant chick.
    This training guide is also realistic to maintain during your pregnancy. During the first trimester your workouts are lower rep just to keep blood flowing to your muscles as you deal with most likely not feeling 100% during that time. The second trimester the workouts get a bit harder and I feel challenged each day. I love this program so much because it allows me to not only maintain and work my muscles, it is preparing me for my postpartum journey once the baby arrives. Every day I follow this program (meals and workouts ) I know I doing the best for myself and my baby. I honestly couldn’t have gone through this pregnancy with out this guide to keep me fit and healthy.
    Thank you Jessie for giving me the tools to having a fit and healthy pregnancy for me and my baby!!

  • 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My name is Christine. I am currently using Jessie’s Prenatal program, and am loving all aspects of the program. I have always been interested in fitness. I started lifting during high school and fell in love with it. Over the years, I experimented with exercise and nutrition, and received a lot of bad advice. I literally have tried it all: low carb, weight watchers, Medifast, no carb, and intermediate fasting. I lost weight but mainly muscle weight. In 2012, I wanted to learn more about how bodybuilders change their body compositions. I ended up working with several coaches. One had me on a no carb program, while the other focused on whole/clean food and meal timing. I saw results but still felt deprived and limited at times. In 2015, I started following Jessie on Instagram and feel like I found what I was looking for. Jesse is a coach who offers a program that provides balance with nutrition, workouts and support!
    Compared to my last pregnancy I do not feel like my nutrition and workouts are out of control. During my last pregnancy, I stayed fit but would try to make up for my “poor” eating with extra cardio and additional time at the gym. With Jessie’s Prenatal Program, I have far more balance. I am eating the foods I want, providing the baby with the proper nutrition, and I am not compromising my muscle by doing too much cardio. Who wants to do that?! We only have to lift three days a week. And believe me it is all you need.* I literally feel the burn and love pushing myself as much as I can without compromising the baby or my health. I take as many breaks as I need (like Jessie suggests). I also love doing the prenatal yoga. I never had time for yoga prior to my pregnancy. It has become something that brings me a sense of peace and I truly look forward to it each week!
    In addition, I love all the food I am eating. I still like to eat whole/clean foods but I am able to incorporate my “pregnancy cravings” with the flexible dieting/IIFYM approach. Under Jessie’s program, the nutrition is clearly laid out and I am able to add more food each trimester…yes please!
    I can’t forget to mention the private Facebook group that Jessie offers. All of Jessie’s girls provide support night and day. I would love to work with Jessie one day but having this support system I feel like I am getting what I need and more. I highly recommend the Prenatal Program. I can tell this pregnancy I am physically, mentally and emotionally stronger then I was in my first. Thank you Jessie for creating such a wonderful program and a beautiful support team #JESSIESGIRLS!
    MB program post baby plans:)


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