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Fitness Training Programs and Events

Let’s train!

Whether you attend a Jessie’s Girls Training Camp or a Workout Tour, you’ll get to workout with me, talk nutrition, ask me your questions and bond with all your Jessie’s Girls from around the globe! If you want a badass workout led by me in a group setting - choose 'Workout Tour'’ below. If you want a more intense, one-on-one training and nutrition weekend with me, sign up for a ‘Training Camp’ below!



    Is the Jessie's Girls camp right for me?

    Of course! I designed these weekends for women who want to learn about being the best they can be – in ALL aspects of life. You get to train with, hang with and learn from me in an intimate setting. We cover IN-DEPTH nutrition, macros, how to customize them for YOU, training tips that will change your game, and so much more – including a Q&A with me! You will be inspired by new confidence and memories that will last a lifetime!

    What does the cost cover?

    The $400 price includes the Friday night Meet & Greet check-in (6-8 PM) with me and the rest of the awesome women attending and a full day Saturday of nutrition and training seminars, lifting/weight training and cardio workouts (depending on the location). The weekend ends with a Saturday Jessie’s Girls night out where we relax, eat and get to know each other even better. Your Meet & Greet check-in includes appetizers and wine. Your Jessie’s Girls Training Camp weekend includes a Jessie’s Girls tank, TONS of amazing goodies, and an opportunity for you to learn all my tips and tricks in the weight room and out.

    Where is the event held at?

    The entire camp will be held at Hitz Fitness in Phoenix, Arizona. Address is: 2505 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Which hotel do I stay at?

    I recommend staying at the Hampton Inn Phoenix-Biltmore at 2310 E Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 956-5221. That hotel is close to the gym, they have a free shuttle to and from the gym and is close by a Whole Foods and lots of other shopping, restaurants and more!

    What are the hours?

    Friday: Meet & Greet check-in (approx. 6 – 8PM)
    Saturday: Full day (approx. 8AM – 6PM including a lunch break)
    Saturday night Jessie’s Girls night out (9 – ?PM)

    How are Jessie's Girls Training Camps different from all of the other fitness camps and bootcamps out there?

    Jessie’s Girls Training Camps stand out from the rest in so many ways: • The extensive knowledge and background in fitness, training, nutrition and the fitness industry of Jessie Hilgenberg, means you will learn and take home SO much valuable information. Whether it is the beginning of your fitness journey or if you are just trying to perfect your skills, Jessie’s compassionate & fun personality keeps the energy and camaraderie going all weekend. • You get to exercise in a fun, supportive and motivating group environment while you gain knowledge and tools on how to empower yourself to continue your new healthy lifestyle. You’ll learn nutritional balance so you can be fueled and satisfied on your personal fitness journey. All this plus a camaraderie, support and bonding that is vital for achieving your fitness & wellness goals!

    Does the price include hotel accommodations?

    You are responsible for your hotel accommodations. Hotel, food, and air travel is not included in the price. You will receive the recommended hotel information anytime 4-6 weeks out from your Jessie’s Girls Training Camp date, and you are responsible for making the reservation. I do not guarantee any hotel pricing. You are welcome to book at any type of accommodation you would like – the recommended hotel is only chosen to be the most convenient to the events throughout the weekend. You do not have to stay at the recommended hotel if you live local – it is only chosen to be the most convenient to the events throughout the weekend.

    Will we receive an itinerary?

    Yes, I email you a full itinerary 1-2 weeks before your Jessie’s Girls Training Camp begins.

    Is lunch and/or food provided each day?

    Lunch is not provided unless otherwise noted. Everyone is on their own for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any meals you need to eat throughout the day(s). You may bring food with you and eat anytime during seminars, the format is casual (there may not be access to refrigerators or microwaves). During the lunch break, you may stay and eat your packed meal or you may go out to lunch with or without the group within the scheduled lunch hour.

    Do I have to be a fitness competitor?

    Absolutely not! Jessie’s Girls Training Camps are for the mainstream woman of all shapes, sizes and of any age that are interested in all sorts of training styles. Everyone has a different story, a different goal, and different backgrounds!

    Will I be able to do the workouts?

    Absolutely!! I instruct women of all levels and show you different variations to fit your current ability level. I have women that are just beginning to workout, pregnant women (requires doctor’s release), young, old, experts and everything else in between! It is for everyone :)

    What are the workouts like?

    Throughout the weekend, I teach you every detail of my training philosophy and walk you through how to set up your own training to maximize your results…I will demonstrate the most important exercises to me and will work one-one-one with you on those exercises after I demonstrate and instruct.

    How to get to the hotel from the airport if I'm flying?

    You are responsible for your own transportation throughout the weekend. However, feel free to stay in touch with the Jessie’s Girls Training Camp group Facebook page and see if there is anyone looking to share a hotel room and/or a ride from the airport for your particular location.

    Would a Jessie's Girls Camp every get canceled?

    If a Jessie’s Girls Training Camp does not sell enough spots, you will be notified no less than 1 week before and receive a full refund in a timely manner. You will have the option to apply your registration to a different Jessie’s Girls Training Camp if you choose. I regretfully cannot refund any airline, travel or accommodation costs.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Any payment you make holds your name on the official list for the Phoenix, Arizona Camp that you registered for. A $50 administration & planning fee is non-refundable at any time and applies to the payment in full and 50% deposit options. Due to our limited spaces, no Jessie’s Girls Training Camp refunds are permitted within 60 days of the camp you originally registered for. I have to enforce this in order to be able to secure my host gym and numbers for all of our catering, rental spaces, and samples/goodies throughout each weekend. If an emergency arises and you need to cancel within 60 days, your registration may be moved to a future Jessie’s Girls Training Camp within the current calendar year from the camp you originally registered for. A $25.00 charge to transfer a registration applies. You do not receive a refund if you cancel any Jessie’s Girls Training Camp that you moved your original Jessie’s Girls Training Camp date to. You may also transfer your Jessie’s Girls Training Camp registration to someone else, but you are responsible for finding that person and collecting payment from them.

    If I make a 50% payment to reserve my spot when is my balance due?

    If you pay in full, you don’t have to worry about this, obviously. But If you reserve your spot with the 50% deposit option, your balance is due 14 days before your Jessie’s Girls Training Camp date – you will receive an email reminder.

    What do I bring with me to Jessie's Girls Training Camp?

    • Casual, cocktail hour clothes for the Friday night Meet & Greet mixer.
    • Saturday evening Jessie’s Girls night out (usually just dinner & drinks) outfit
    • Any fitness industry-related questions for Jessie for the Q&A session
    • Proper gym workout clothes and gym shoes
    • Pen & paper to take notes
    • Camera (NO video taping of the workouts or talking seminars is permitted) to share all of your moments!
    • Any snacks, water and/or meals you plan on eating/drinking throughout the day (you are responsible for eating breakfast before camp each day, you will have a lunch break Saturday, and you will be done each day before dinner)
    • I.D. and medical info in case of emergency
    • Gym towel, hair ties, hats, sunglasses, SPF
    • Water
    • An AWESOME attitude and a smile!


Jessie's Girls Training Camp (Boise) for me was an unforgettable experience! I just love Jessie Hilgenberg’s positive energy and fun personality, it just set the tone for the whole camp. Being at Bodybuilding.com Headquarters was such an honor. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to not only use this amazing facility for camp, but they even allowed us to sign the Commitment Wall, where amazing athletes have signed. Being able to listen to Jessie Hilgenberg teach us nutrition and learning every angle of macros was SO informative! I love that Jessie Hilgenberg teaches you that you don't have to torture yourself to achieve the physique you desire and you can still enjoy foods that you love. Balance, it's all about balance. Having Jessie Hilgenberg individually critique everyone’s form in the weight room was priceless! What a game changer for me. I took away so many tips and feel my gains are so much better now that I'm doing my lifts with proper form. I especially loved how Jessie Hilgenberg really listened to each and every girl there. I was able to share part of my story with her and tell her face to face how she has changed my life. Jessie is truly genuine and she really makes you feel like you matter. My Jessie's Girls Training Camp experience was so much more than I had ever imagined and I will cherish the memories and friendships I made there forever. I am so very grateful for Jessie and all that she does and I am so honored to be a Jessie's Girl!

- Jenni (Boise)

If you have any questions about nutrition and IIFYM, Jessie Hilgenberg will break down everything you need to understand it during Jessie’s Girls Training Camp. She uses visuals while explaining to make you understand what exactly happens in your body when you are over eating or under eating daily. She spends time breaking down common exercises that are frequently performed incorrectly, and helps you work on your technique to fix the mistakes you make. Finally, Jessie Hilgenberg also takes the time to talk with you throughout the weekend and really makes you feel like she's a friend you've known for years. If you want to meet like-minded women who are all on the same journey as you, no matter where you are on that path, this is a great place to start and/or continue on the journey.

- Nikki (Vegas)

Jessie's Girls Training Camp (Boise edition) was a weekend I will never forget. Fitness & information packed on all things Jessie's Girls. We fired off with Friday night’smeet and greet (wine and food included!) which was a wonderful group of kick butt Jessie's Girls! Jessie Hilgenberg, the woman herself, greets you with a warm hug and welcome home smile. I mean this stuff I cannot make up, she will make you feel like family! Each location offers its own unique perks, I have to say Boise was pretty special as the BodyBuilding.com headquarters were incredible! State of the art gym and facilities, with larger than life images of many of my fitness heroes, the place was straight-up motivating. I left with many new friends! The fact is, Jessie Hilgenberg is revolutionizing the fitness industry for women, you'll find out what I mean when you go next year. Worth every stinkin' penny. Can't wait to be there next year!

- Aleisha (Boise)

I attended the MPLS Jessie’s Girls Training Camp and IT WAS AMAZING! Meeting Jessie Hilgenberg was surreal for me. She is my fitness idol and here I was about to learn from her and train with her for an entire weekend! Writing this makes me emotional as that training weekend truly has changed me. I remember walking up the stairs on my way to our meet and greet and there she was! It didn't feel real, but it was! She literally opened my eyes to so much both in the aspects of training and nutrition. She is one of the most genuine, real, down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was like reconnecting with an old friend. I love you Jessie Hilgenberg! Meeting all of the other awesome women at the camp was amazing too! I have made forever friends and formed bonds that only a fellow Jessie's Girl would or could possibly understand. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her camps then DO IT!!! It was the best decision ever, signing up to attend, and I will absolutely be signing up to go again next year!

- Lisa (Minneapolis)

Going into a camp like Jessie Hilgenberg’s, you never know what to expect if you haven't gone to one before, or have never met her. You know that the camp isn't cheap, you know that there will be nutrition information given, you know that there will be workouts, you know that you will be meeting new people and you know that you will meet Jessie Hilgenberg. You don't know- that she will greet you face to face instantly- she will make you feel like you've been friends forever instantly, the type of workouts that you do will KICK BUTT, the nutritional training will be extremely effective and understandable, the training is insane in itself - (little tricks I like to call them) the friendships created are out of this world, and the FUN while being there is as good as Walt Disney can dream up for a 6 year old cutie. She's THAT AWESOME!! Her personality, makes this training camp, her goals for everyone makes this training camp, her knowledge of health and fitness make this training camp, and her being personable to those she's never met, makes this training camp! I couldn't have asked for anything more from her! At the end, you'll realize that that money spent was worth every single penny, every single dollar earned to get there. It was a blessing to me that I will never forget!

- Jocelyn (Minneapolis)

A Jessie’s Girls Training Camp is an unforgettable experience. You learn so much about proper lifting technique and nutrition that even those who have been in the industry for awhile will walk away with new knowledge. The best part, however, is that Jessie Hilgenberg teaches you that being a Jessie's Girl is about learning to love yourself at every stage, to be healthy and happy and find a balance which enables you to live a full and rich life. Jessie Hilgenberg is more than just a health coach, she is a life coach, guiding us all toward our best selves by encouraging us to lift each other up and love each other more....all while being an incredible bad ass woman.

- Cathryn

I would give the Jessie's Girls Training Camp in Boise, ID that I attended 10 stars out of 5!!! It was such a great experience that I am going to another one (Dallas, TX). You not only get to meet and basically hang out with one of the top fitness trainers in the country but also 20 something other girls with the same passion to be the best that you can be- and not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Jessie Hilgenberg is so knowledgeable, motivating, inspiring, funny, nice, and just straight-up real. I personally learned a lot about myself and am still learning and I thank Jessie, Karey, and being part of Jessie's Girls for the support and encouragement. If you have the chance to attend a camp I would highly recommend it and you will not regret it!

- Amy (Boise)


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